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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does a friend make reservations to meet Shingo after they have dinner and then sit in the bar?
(a) Tsukiji geisha district.
(b) Shimbashi geisha district.
(c) Shiodome geisha district.
(d) Asakusa geisha district.

2. Where has Shuichi gone when Shingo gets up in Chapter 15, Section 3?
(a) Kinu's house.
(b) Office.
(c) Tokyo.
(d) Fishing pond.

3. What type of eggs does Shingo dream about in Chapter 15, Section 2?
(a) Crow.
(b) Ostrich and snake.
(c) Bluebird.
(d) Chicken and robin.

4. What day of the week is it at the beginning of Chapter 15, Section 3?
(a) Sunday.
(b) Tuesday.
(c) Monday.
(d) Wednesday.

5. Who has to tie Shingo's tie in Chapter 16?
(a) Kikuko.
(b) Fusako.
(c) Shuichi.
(d) Yasuko.

Short Answer Questions

1. What color flowers bloomed on some ancient lotus seeds?

2. How old was the president of a boat and yacht company who disappeared?

3. What does a young girl put on the train seat to reserve a seat?

4. In mid-August, what is wrong with the friend who Shingo goes to see in the hospital?

5. After Yasuko and Shingo talk in bed in Chapter 15, Section 2, what time is it when Shingo lies awake?

Short Essay Questions

1. What presents does Kikuko bring back from Tokyo?

2. Why does Satoko rip off cherry branches?

3. How does Shingo describe a foreigner who is on the train when it is stopped in Chapter 15?

4. How do Shingo and Kikuko describe the appearance of black lilies?

5. Why does Shingo take his shoe off his right foot on the train?

6. What news does Eiko bring Shingo in Chapter 13, Section 2?

7. In Chapter 15, what does Yasuko find odd about the cherry tree?

8. Who does Shingo follow when he gets to the garden where he is to meet Kikuko?

9. Why did Kikuko decide to see a widowed friend who gives tea lessons?

10. What did Shuichi do when he learned that Kinu was pregnant?

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