The Sound of the Mountain Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Shingo struggle to remember at the beginning of Chapter 1?

Shingo tries to remember a maid that used to work for him. She was with them for six months, but all he can remember is a conversation that he had with her.

2. Describe Shingo's family.

Shingo is married to Yasuko. They have a son, daughter, and two grandchildren. Both children are married. Shuichi and his wife, Kikuko have not children. Fusako has two children.

3. How does Shingo attempt to make his wife stop snoring?

If Yasuko snores, Shingo twists her nose. If that doesn't work, he takes her by the throat and shakes her.

4. What sound does Shingo hear when he wakes in the night in Chapter 1?

At first Shingo believes that he hears the sea. The sound is almost like the rumbling of the earth. Then Shingo realizes that he hears the mountain.

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