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Reading Glasses

This is something Shingo loses frequently, so his son keeps a spare for him.


This is something Shingo has done for thirty years, but suddenly forgets how to one morning.


This is a traditional Japanese piece of clothing.

No Masks

This is something Shingo buys to save the feelings of a widow whose husband died in the bed of a young woman who wasn't his wife.

Cherry Tree

This is something that grows in Shingo's backyard, and he often notes how it is growing.


This is how Shingo and his son go to and from work.


These are found under the Ogata house, and Kikuko arranges to have them moved so they needn't be disposed of.

Mrs. Ikeda's House

This is where Shuichi's mistress lives.

University Hospital

This is where Kikuko goes to visit a friend and Shingo goes with her so...

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