The Sound of the Mountain Character Descriptions

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Ogata Shingo

This character is an elderly man who is becoming increasingly forgetful.


This character is a dull quiet woman who doesn't realize that her husband once loved her sister.


This character is haunted by the war, has a mistress, and does not care how many illegitimate children he might have.


This character is very beautiful and is the youngest child in her family.


This character is an unattractive young woman who is married to a drug addict.

Tanisaki Eiko

This person is a secretary who helps her boss when he suffers memory lapses.


This person is a widow whose husband died in the war and who is having an affair with a married man.

Mrs. Ikeda

This person is a war widow who shares a home with a woman who is having an affair.

Yusako's Sister

This character died before the novel...

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