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The Sound of the Mountain and The Wings of the Locust

• Ogata Shingo seems to be losing his memory.

• His son, wife, and secretary have to help him remember.

• Shingo is married to Yasuko, a woman who is a year older than he.

• They have two children, a son and daughter, and two granddaughters.

• Shingo is annoyed with Yasuko because she has begun to snore again, which frequently wakes him.

• Struggling to sleep because of her snoring, he stares out the window and listens to locusts in the garden.
• While standing there, he believes he hears the sound of the mountain, a harbinger of death.

• This brings back a memory of a geisha who told Shingo she had attempted suicide.

• Shingo and his son Shuichi travel to and from work together since they work at the same firm.

• Lately, Shingo has been coming home alone because his son...

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