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Short Answer Questions

1. What traits does DuBois say are associated with the plantation Negro?

2. What was Ben Butler’s solution to the escaped slaves showing up in his camp?

3. Who told DuBois of the school where he ended up teaching?

4. What lightened DuBois’ teacher training?

5. What did the fifteenth amendment give blacks in America?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the labor problem facing freed blacks.

2. What gift does DuBois say the North made to the blacks in the South after the war?

3. What are the three thoughts DuBois describes at the beginning of Chapter 6—and the three afterthoughts that follow them?

4. What flaws does DuBois see in Booker T. Washington’s program?

5. How does DuBois characterize Josie?

6. What had happened to Josie in the years between DuBois’ teaching in her community and then his return?

7. Describe the growth of the population of blacks in Georgia from 1808 to the war.

8. How does DuBois describe his schoolhouse?

9. What is double-consciousness?

10. Where does DuBois see the first evidence of blacks’ cultural contribution?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Evaluate your own reading of The Souls of Black Folk—did you resist it, or were you compelled by the story? What does your reading tell you about yourself and your interests? Use specific examples from the book to describe yourself as a reader.

Essay Topic 2

Would you recommend The Souls of Black Folk? For what purposes would you recommend The Souls of Black Folk, and what kinds of readers would you recommend it for? What other book would you recommend that would cover the same material or tell the same story in a different way?

Essay Topic 3

What kind of book is The Souls of Black Folk. Is it a history, a collection of essays, a meditation, a prophesy, is it travel writing? Where is it consistent, and where is it inconsistent? Using examples from the text, describe the genre of The Souls of Black Folk.

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