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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does DuBois say the Africans placed slavery within their spiritual schema?
(a) As the first necessary step in their ascent.
(b) As retribution for ancient wrongs.
(c) As a triumph of evil forces.
(d) As punishment for original sin.

2. Why is John kicked out of school for a semester?
(a) For debt.
(b) For corrupting his fellow students.
(c) For irregular work.
(d) For gambling.

3. What does DuBois say blacks typically see in the area of law and justice?
(a) Humiliation.
(b) Revenge.
(c) Profitability.
(d) Opportunity.

4. What is John humming while he waits for the police?
(a) Carmen.
(b) The Star Spangled Banner.
(c) The Battle Hymn of the Republic.
(d) Lohengrin.

5. How long did DuBois’ son live before dying?
(a) 14 months.
(b) 26 months.
(c) 22 months.
(d) 18 months.

6. How does DuBois characterize the message that is contained in the sorrow songs?
(a) Obvious.
(b) Veiled.
(c) Hidden.
(d) Mystical.

7. What was the first change in the Africans’ lives, according to DuBois?
(a) Being born into slavery.
(b) Transport on the slave ship.
(c) Work on the cotton plantation.
(d) Seeing the murder of their parents by whites.

8. What does DuBois say is the keynote of the Black Belt?
(a) Training.
(b) Bitterness.
(c) Debt.
(d) Hope.

9. Where does DuBois say leadership for blacks will have to come from?
(a) The old Southern aristocracy.
(b) Foreigners.
(c) The blacks themselves.
(d) Northerners.

10. How is Chapter 11, On the Passing of the Firstborn, different from the other chapters?
(a) It is much more guarded.
(b) It is much more personal.
(c) It is much more bitter.
(d) It is much more reassuring.

11. Where does the image of the Golden Fleece come from?
(a) Roman myth.
(b) Greek myth.
(c) African myth.
(d) American history.

12. What advantage do the farmers to rent for fixed money enjoy, according to DuBois?
(a) They benefit from their improvements
(b) They get lower prices on supplies.
(c) They get better prices for their crops.
(d) They can select their crops.

13. What is the avenue for escape from the grind of debt, according to DuBois?
(a) Flee to town.
(b) Crop rotation.
(c) Save and invest.
(d) Go West.

14. Which church refused to admit Alexander Crummell?
(a) Episcopal.
(b) Methodist.
(c) Baptist.
(d) Catholic.

15. When was Alexander Crummell born?
(a) The Great Compromise.
(b) The Missouri Compromise.
(c) The Atlanta Compromise.
(d) The signing of the Constitution.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does DuBois characterize the process of land valuation in the Black Belt?

2. When does DuBois say universal suffrage a popular topic in the South?

3. Why did John kill the white John, son of the Judge?

4. What does DuBois say his first feeling for his son was?

5. What claim does DuBois make for Negro music?

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