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Chapter 1

• DuBois says that the main problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line.

• He says that he is never asked what it feels like to be a problem, but that he lives ‘within the Veil’ and it is the central fact of his life.

• DuBois says that he is not alone in realizing the difficulty of being black in America, and he considers the history of oppression in order to reconcile being black with being American.

Chapter 2

• During the Civil War, the escaped blacks coming into the camps posed a problem for the Union forces, who had to find ways to care for them, or put them to work.

• The Freedmen’s Bureau, founded by Pierce of Boston, took charge of the blacks in the South.

• Because of political and economic pressure, the Freedmen’s Bureau was forced to give up control of...

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