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Short Answer Questions

1. In the letter of October 20, what does Werther assert gives us "a genuine sense of ourselves?"

2. What type of animal does Lotte keep as a pet?

3. What best describes the personality of Werther's employer?

4. What instrument does Lotte play, as related in the letter of December 4?

5. What does Lotte think draws Werther to her, according to the Editor?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Werther react to inadvertently catching a glimpse of Lotte's wedding ring, as related in the letter of December 4?

2. What does Werther think of the aunt of the young woman he meets while walking in Weimar?

3. How does Werther react to reading Ossian, as related in the letter of October 12?

4. Summarize the final interaction between Werther and Lotte.

5. What does the Editor express about the state of Lotte's heart and mind during the time when Werther's feelings are completely overpowering him?

6. What disturbing news regarding the farmer-boy shocks Werther, and how does he react?

7. Describe the nature and circumstances of Werther's death and of his burial.

8. Who does Werther meet while walking along the water's edge in Wahlheim, what is the person doing, and what does this person look like, as related in the letter of November 30?

9. What are Werther's general views on religion, as expressed in several letters?

10. How does Werther describe the Ambassador?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Lotte's character. Include not only her vitals (approximately how old is she, where she lives, what is her family situation, etc.), but also describe her personality, the way she interacts with others, and her relationships with Werther and Albert. Why does she seem to act the way she does? What is the central problem of the text with regards to our being able to formulate her character? How is her character mediated by both Werther and by the Editor, and are there any problems with this mediation that relate to the reliability of our formulation of her character?

Essay Topic 2

Trace the foreshadowing of suicide and death throughout the novel. Using at least four examples from all through the text, examine the progression of Werther's mania and depression to its culmination. In what sorts of situations does Werther refer to suicide? What kinds of emotions or thoughts does he experience in these situations? Is there a common thread running among these experiences of his? How do the opinions of others, and Werther's interactions with them, influence his thoughts and ultimately his final decision?

Essay Topic 3

Consider the little peasant family that Werther meets in Wahlheim and subsequently gets to know: the mother and her several children, including Hans. What is the little family's story? What attracts them to Werther? How does he interact with them? How is his relationship with them symbolic of a relationship between social classes at large? What might the symbolism be when their inheritance falls through, and when Hans dies? What is the effect of their tragedy on Werther? What about their fate of poverty is significant to the major themes of the novel?

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