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Short Answer Questions

1. What action does Werther take upon confirming the alarming news he heard at Lotte's home?

2. What phrase of Lotte's does Werther find extraordinary, as related in the letter of November 21?

3. What does Werther suddenly shout at Lotte, as related in the letter of December 4?

4. What is the gift Werther receives in the letter of April 19?

5. At the beginning of Book Two, who employs Werther?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the interaction between Lotte, Werther, and Lotte's new pet, as related in the letter of September 12.

2. How does Werther's relationship with God seem to change from its prior state toward the end of the letter of November 30, and how does Werther express his feelings about this change?

3. What are Werther's general views on religion, as expressed in several letters?

4. What bothers Werther about many of the people he meets?

5. Describe the nature and circumstances of Werther's death and of his burial.

6. What does the Editor express about the state of Lotte's heart and mind during the time when Werther's feelings are completely overpowering him?

7. What does Werther do during the flood of the river near Wahlheim, and why is this episode significant?

8. Who does Werther meet while walking along the water's edge in Wahlheim, what is the person doing, and what does this person look like, as related in the letter of November 30?

9. What is the substance of Werther's letter of January 20 to Lotte?

10. What does Werther think of the aunt of the young woman he meets while walking in Weimar?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Assess Werther's relationship with Wilhelm, the addressee of the letters. How does Werther "speak" to Wilhelm in his letters? What type of relationship might they have, considering their communications to one another? How can we judge Wilhelm's letters based on Werther's responses? Give at least one example of a response of Werther's which indicates the subject of their correspondence. How might the identity of Wilhelm also be entwined with the identity of the reading audience or the reading individual? What is the effect of this connection? Is the audience primed to be automatically sympathetic to Werther? Why would this consideration be significant in your assessment of character development and the development of the overall themes of the novel?

Essay Topic 2

Examine the role of Ossian in the novel. Who is Ossian (both ostensibly and actually), and why does Werther place him in such high regard? What effect does reading Ossian have on Werther? How does he relate to the work and its contents? Offer a close-reading of the fragment of Ossian the Editor quotes. Carefully analyze this portion of the text. Pay close attention to word choice, setting, imagery, figurative or metaphorical language, references, and the tone of the passages. How do you interpret this passage based on a close study of the connotations of all of these aspects of the text? What is its overall effect upon the reader? How do you feel this passage relates to Werther's own story, feelings and thoughts? Why might this passage and the subsequent ones which reflect on Colma's situation affect Werther and Lotte so profoundly? How might the voices of Ryno, Alpin, and the narrator of the fragment be interpreted by Werther and Lotte to be the voices of Werther's nearest and dearest friends and acquaintances?

Essay Topic 3

Consider the little peasant family that Werther meets in Wahlheim and subsequently gets to know: the mother and her several children, including Hans. What is the little family's story? What attracts them to Werther? How does he interact with them? How is his relationship with them symbolic of a relationship between social classes at large? What might the symbolism be when their inheritance falls through, and when Hans dies? What is the effect of their tragedy on Werther? What about their fate of poverty is significant to the major themes of the novel?

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