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Short Answer Questions

1. What special clothes is Werther buried in?

2. Where was the person Werther meets in the letter of November 30 before they met Werther?

3. What type of animal does Lotte keep as a pet?

4. What does Werther vow he will never do, though he very much wants to?

5. What best describes the personality of Werther's employer?

Short Essay Questions

1. What correspondence does Werther receive from a government minister, as related in the letter of February 17, and how does Werther react to the correspondence?

2. Describe the Prince and why Werther is involved with him.

3. Describe the interaction between Lotte, Werther, and Lotte's new pet, as related in the letter of September 12.

4. How does Werther's relationship with God seem to change from its prior state toward the end of the letter of November 30, and how does Werther express his feelings about this change?

5. How does Werther react to inadvertently catching a glimpse of Lotte's wedding ring, as related in the letter of December 4?

6. Describe the nature and circumstances of Werther's death and of his burial.

7. What are Werther's general views on religion, as expressed in several letters?

8. What does Werther see as the keys to happiness, and how do these key things affect him specifically, as related in the letter of October 20?

9. How does Miss von B. respond to Werther's humiliation, as related in the letter of March 16?

10. What is the substance of Werther's letter of January 20 to Lotte?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine the symbolism and importance of clothing in the novel. Focus on the letters of July 8, 1771; August 28, 1771; and September 6, 1772. What articles of clothing does Werther have a disproportionate focus on? What might these articles of clothing symbolize, for Werther as well as for the reader? How does Goethe use them as talismans in the novel--what power do they have? Additionally, what do these articles of clothing conceal, or what might they stand in for?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the form of the novel: a confessional, epistolary novel. Describe the genres of the epistolary novel and the confessional novel. How do these forms work together in this particular novel? Describe the structure of the novel: how many narrative voices are there? What is the chronological structure of the novel? Are there any aspects of the novel's form or structure that seem out of place or that fit differently into the entire structure than the rest of the book? How does the texture, tone, and focus of the novel change as Werther's mental and emotional state becomes more agitated?

Essay Topic 3

Whenever Werther is near water, he is always near some form of running water, whether a spring or a raging torrent. Examine this theme of running water, and the symbolism of it relevant to the text. Why is Werther attracted to the stream, and to bodies of water in general? What kind of cultural or religious associations can we make with water? How does it affect Werther's mood, thoughts and feelings? Why might it be different or have a different set of effects than still water?

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