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Short Answer Questions

1. What activity is the young woman who becomes Werther's friend engaged in when Werther meets her?

2. Which person considers Werther's conduct with the children to be below Werther's social station?

3. What two things does Werther compare in his argument in the letter of August 12?

4. What is in the package Werther receives from Albert on August 26?

5. To what does Werther compare the young woman with whom he has fallen in love?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Werther describe the town of Wahlheim?

2. What is the substance of the conversation between Werther and his companions at the vicar's home?

3. What activities does Werther engage in now that he is away from his friends and in a new town?

4. How is Werther first received by the commoners of the village, and how does Werther view their reaction to him?

5. What is Werther's opinion of his aunt?

6. What example does Werther give Albert regarding the justifiability of suicide, and why does Werther take the standpoint he does?

7. How does Werther describe his delight in the countryside surrounding Wahlheim?

8. What is the substance of Werther and Albert's conversation, as Werther relates it in the letter of August 12?

9. How does Werther perceive his relation to the commoners of the village?

10. To what does Werther compare Lotte's influence on him in the letter of July 26, and what the effects of her influence upon him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Whenever Werther is near water, he is always near some form of running water, whether a spring or a raging torrent. Examine this theme of running water, and the symbolism of it relevant to the text. Why is Werther attracted to the stream, and to bodies of water in general? What kind of cultural or religious associations can we make with water? How does it affect Werther's mood, thoughts and feelings? Why might it be different or have a different set of effects than still water?

Essay Topic 2

Examine how Lotte's character and her actual "voice" are mediated both by Werther and by the Editor. Consider the question of Lotte's agency: how responsible is she, if she is at all responsible, for Werther's love and his fate? What ambiguities are present in Werther's views or descriptions of her? When does she actually seem to act of her own accord, and when does she appear to be acted upon? How can we assess the accuracy of Werther or the Editor's views of her? Use examples from letters in which Werther relates her direct interactions with him or in which he interprets her moods and motivations.

Essay Topic 3

Examine the theme of nature and its progression throughout the text. How does Goethe use nature to express Werther's character, and/or to express the themes of sensibility or the sublime? What about nature attracts Werther to wander so much in it? How does Werther respond emotionally, intellectually, and physically to nature? How does he connect nature to poetry as well as to personal relationships? How do Goethe's depictions of nature, and of Werther's responses to nature, change over the course of the novel?

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