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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Werther resolve to do in the letter of September 3?

2. To whom is Werther's new female friend "as good as engaged"?

3. What effect does Lotte's continued presence have on Werther?

4. In which month of the year does the novel begin?

5. Of what feeling does Werther complain in the letter of August 22?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the substance of the conversation between Werther and his companions at the vicar's home?

2. How does Werther perceive his relation to the commoners of the village?

3. What example does Werther give Albert regarding the justifiability of suicide, and why does Werther take the standpoint he does?

4. What is the substance of Werther and Lotte's conversation the night before Werther leaves Wahlheim?

5. What is the substance of Werther's conversation with the farmer-boy in the town square of Wahlheim?

6. How does Werther initially feel about Albert?

7. What are Lotte's views on books and reading?

8. What event has incited Werther to leave his friends, and how does he view this event?

9. How has Werther's life or attitudes changed after falling in love with Lotte?

10. What does Werther observe the local girls doing?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine the theme of suicide and the way Goethe addresses the morality and justifiability of it throughout the novel. Does Werther's pitiable state of mind, his decimated feelings, and his unrequited love excuse, or explain, his choice? How does Werther convince himself that suicide is the right and only path for him? What events, people, or feelings influence his decision? What is each main character's position on the morality or justifiability of suicide? What was the effect of Werther's suicide on Goethe's readers and critics: how did they interpret this act? How does the Editor influence what you perceive as the novel's overall message regarding suicide?

Essay Topic 2

Whenever Werther is near water, he is always near some form of running water, whether a spring or a raging torrent. Examine this theme of running water, and the symbolism of it relevant to the text. Why is Werther attracted to the stream, and to bodies of water in general? What kind of cultural or religious associations can we make with water? How does it affect Werther's mood, thoughts and feelings? Why might it be different or have a different set of effects than still water?

Essay Topic 3

Assess Werther's relationship with Wilhelm, the addressee of the letters. How does Werther "speak" to Wilhelm in his letters? What type of relationship might they have, considering their communications to one another? How can we judge Wilhelm's letters based on Werther's responses? Give at least one example of a response of Werther's which indicates the subject of their correspondence. How might the identity of Wilhelm also be entwined with the identity of the reading audience or the reading individual? What is the effect of this connection? Is the audience primed to be automatically sympathetic to Werther? Why would this consideration be significant in your assessment of character development and the development of the overall themes of the novel?

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