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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the event of December 12 cause Werther to wish to do, though he finds himself unable to do it?
(a) Shoot himself.
(b) Immolate himself.
(c) Hang himself.
(d) Drown himself.

2. In the letter of December 1, who relates to Werther the story of the person Werther met in the letter of November 30?
(a) Lotte's father.
(b) Hans' mother.
(c) Albert.
(d) Phillips.

3. In the letter of October 20, what does Werther assert gives us "a genuine sense of ourselves?"
(a) To keep pace with or surpass others.
(b) To be absolutely unique and different.
(c) To fall behind one's peers.
(d) To blend into the crowd.

4. What irritates Werther about Lotte and the friend who visits her in the letter of October 26?
(a) Their seeming indifference to the losses of others.
(b) Their high-pitched laughter.
(c) Their reliance on men for their livelihoods.
(d) Their insistence on reading Werther's letters aloud.

5. Where does the event of March 15 occur?
(a) In the town square.
(b) At the home of Count C.
(c) In the Ambassador's garden.
(d) In City Hall.

6. Why does Werther like the new person he met in the letter of November 26?
(a) He or she is fabulously wealthy.
(b) He or she is a great artist.
(c) He or she is kind and understanding.
(d) He or she is extremely good-looking.

7. Where is Werther walking in the letter of November 30?
(a) By the water.
(b) In a garden.
(c) Through town.
(d) Along a ridge.

8. With whom has Werther formed a new acquaintance in the letter of November 26?
(a) Baroness M.
(b) Sir D.
(c) Count C.
(d) Madam G.

9. What aspect of humanity does Werther assert, in the letter of October 26, makes him want to "tear his heart open"?
(a) The notion that people mean quite little to one another.
(b) The notion that everyone supposedly has only one soul-mate.
(c) The idea that love can wither and die.
(d) The fact that death is inevitable.

10. What caused the person Werther met in the Letter of November 30 to act the way he does?
(a) He grew overly envious of another man's position.
(b) He felt an unrequited love for Lotte.
(c) He succumbed to the stresses of his job.
(d) He was a drunk whose addiction took over his life.

11. What annoys Werther's employer?
(a) The slowness of Werther's work.
(b) Werther's acquaintance with a different man.
(c) Werther's political views.
(d) The many procedures of governmental work.

12. What does Werther suddenly shout at Lotte, as related in the letter of December 4?
(a) He shouts out his love for her.
(b) He shouts for her to stop playing.
(c) He shouts for her to love him.
(d) He shouts out a warning of danger.

13. What does Lotte specifically request of Werther when he visits her home on the Sunday before Christmas?
(a) That he attend dinner with her and Albert.
(b) That he take a position as her father's secretary.
(c) That he not visit her before Christmas Eve.
(d) That he have a Christmas present for each of the children.

14. What does Lotte ask Werther to read when he visits her on December 21?
(a) Petrarch.
(b) Homer.
(c) Ossian.
(d) Shakespeare.

15. What special clothes is Werther buried in?
(a) The simple garb of a peasant.
(b) A blue coat and buff waistcoat.
(c) A black overcoat and top-hat.
(d) A set of leather boots and kid gloves.

Short Answer Questions

1. In his letter of December 21, what does Werther tell Lotte he is "resolved" to do?

2. How does Werther respond to his own reading on December 21?

3. What does Werther find admirable about the farmer-boy?

4. What is this person Werther meets on his walk doing when Werther meets them?

5. What feelings fill Werther when Lotte plays her instrument?

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