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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Werther view his interactions with high society in Weimar?
(a) As interesting and educational.
(b) As soul-fulfilling.
(c) As valuable to his career.
(d) As empty illusion.

2. What about his social faux pas of March 15 distresses Werther greatly?
(a) That he cannot commit the error again.
(b) The he hurt his friends' feelings.
(c) That no one told him of the problem.
(d) That news of it is all over town.

3. Where is Werther walking in the letter of November 30?
(a) Through town.
(b) In a garden.
(c) Along a ridge.
(d) By the water.

4. What irks Werther about the society he finds himself with in Weimar?
(a) Their questions of him.
(b) Their uncaring attitudes.
(c) Their immense beauty.
(d) Their greed for rank.

5. What does Werther continually assert in the letter of March 15 about his social faux pas?
(a) That the thought of it never entered his mind.
(b) That he was in the right, and others were wrong.
(c) That he got pleasure out of others' discomfort.
(d) That he intended to push the boundaries all along.

6. What irritates Werther about Lotte and the friend who visits her in the letter of October 26?
(a) Their high-pitched laughter.
(b) Their reliance on men for their livelihoods.
(c) Their insistence on reading Werther's letters aloud.
(d) Their seeming indifference to the losses of others.

7. What excuse does Werther give for wanting to embrace Lotte?
(a) That such an embrace is a natural instinct.
(b) That Lotte would want him to do so.
(c) That Albert would not begrudge him the act.
(d) That the act of embracing Lotte would claim her as his own.

8. What sad news does Werther receive from the little peasant family of Wahlheim, related in the letter of August 4?
(a) That Albert has been gravely injured.
(b) That Mr. von B. is very ill.
(c) That Werther's mother has lost her fortune.
(d) That young Hans has died.

9. What troubling news does Werther hear at Lotte's home, according to the Editor?
(a) That Lotte has suddenly been taken very ill.
(b) That Albert has been injured in a horse-riding accident.
(c) That the former servant he knows murdered a man.
(d) That Lotte's father has succumbed to illness and died

10. What do Lotte' siblings do on December 21 that causes Werther to be overcome with emotion?
(a) They ask him how old he will be at his next birthday.
(b) They invite him to the Christmas dinner being hosted by Lotte's father.
(c) They make him a list of New Year wishes.
(d) They encourage him to never give up hope.

11. What does Werther often wish would happen to him, as related in numerous letters?
(a) That he would die.
(b) That he would duel with Albert.
(c) That he would marry any girl.
(d) That he would travel more.

12. Who gives Werther a special gift, related in the letter of April 19?
(a) The Ambassador.
(b) Count C.
(c) The crown Prince.
(d) Miss von B.

13. Whom does Werther blame for his irritation with his current employment?
(a) Albert.
(b) Count C.
(c) His employer.
(d) Wilhelm.

14. What is the surprise Werther receives from Lotte and Albert in the letter of February 20?
(a) A gift for his birthday.
(b) The news of their marriage.
(c) An invitation to join them as they travel.
(d) The news of one of Lotte's siblings' deaths.

15. What is Lotte's response to Werther's outburst, as related in the letter of December 4?
(a) Lotte tells Werther he is ill and must calm himself.
(b) Lotte makes no verbal response, but gives Werther a significant look.
(c) Lotte asks Werther to be quiet lest he wake the children.
(d) Lotte shouts back at Werther in frustration.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Werther meet on his walk, as related in the letter of November 30?

2. As of November 30, Werther feels he is not destined to:

3. What favor does Werther ask of his friend Wilhelm in the letter of March 24?

4. What does Werther suddenly shout at Lotte, as related in the letter of December 4?

5. What dream does Werther relate to Wilhelm in the letter of December 16?

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