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Bao Ninh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Kien find Phuong after the attack on the train?
(a) Hiding
(b) Sleeping
(c) Bathing
(d) Talking to another man

2. What did Phuong have to do during the war in order to survive?
(a) Become a prostitute
(b) Become a killer
(c) Become a thief
(d) Become a smuggler

3. Why can Toan be considered a 'rival'?
(a) Because their army superior liked Toan more
(b) Because Toan and Kien were always gambling
(c) Because Toan is also a writer
(d) Because he also vied for Phuong's affections when they were younger

4. What does Phuong finally tell Kien about their future in the form of a note?
(a) That they will be moving to America together
(b) That they will meet each other again some day
(c) That they will be married in the spring
(d) That they will never see each other again

5. Who is Kien's first 'kill' of the War?
(a) South Vietnamese civilian
(b) American soldier
(c) The Sailor on the Train
(d) North Vietnamese commando

6. What does the letter urge him to do?
(a) To find his lover and to forget about the war
(b) To leave North Vietnam
(c) To forget about Phuong
(d) To invest his pension

7. Where does the narrative of Part Four start?
(a) With Kien fighting
(b) Before Kien was born
(c) With Kien writing
(d) From Phuong's point of view

8. What stops this from happening?
(a) Kien suddenly feels a pang of guilt
(b) Kien suddenly gets cramp
(c) Kien suddenly feels sick
(d) Kien suddenly has a headache

9. What was Kien's mother devoted to?
(a) The pursuit of Justice
(b) Communism
(c) The Catholic faith
(d) Capitalism

10. What colour does Kien's father use to paint with as he gets more depressed?
(a) Red
(b) Green
(c) Blue
(d) Yellow

11. Who else frequents the Balcony Cafe?
(a) Dancers
(b) Musicians
(c) Americans
(d) Other ex-soldiers

12. What does Kien often wonder about his past colleagues?
(a) If they are still alive
(b) How many are still in the army
(c) How he can contact them
(d) How many now lead settled and peaceful lives

13. How does Kien's friend Tu die?
(a) He was shot in the foot
(b) He fell off a cliff
(c) He draws machine gun fire so that Kien can complete his mission.-
(d) He tried to attack a paratrooper

14. What was Kien planning before the air raid sirens were called?
(a) To go home
(b) To go to a movie
(c) To go to a bar
(d) A romantic dinner with Phuong

15. How did Kien's friend Tam die?
(a) He fell into the swamp
(b) He was covered in Agent Orange
(c) He died defending Kien from a paratrooper
(d) He was shot in the back

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Toan?

2. Where does Kien go in Part Five to reminisce about the War?

3. What did this skill reveal to Kien?

4. What musical instrument was Phuong especially good at?

5. Where did Kien meet Phuong?

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