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Bao Ninh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Kien almost attack the taunting soldiers in the abandoned hospital?
(a) They are members of the South Vietnamese Army
(b) They make jokes about Phuong
(c) They have stolen his clothes
(d) They make jokes about his father

2. Who was Toan?
(a) A fellow member of his platoon who was killed outside of Saigon
(b) A commander of the army
(c) A neighbor
(d) An old school friend

3. What does Phuong urge Kien to do after they hear the siren?
(a) To leave Vietnam
(b) To take cover
(c) To stay with her; to desert the army
(d) To fight the American menace

4. What does Phuong finally tell Kien about their future in the form of a note?
(a) That they will meet each other again some day
(b) That they will be married in the spring
(c) That they will never see each other again
(d) That they will be moving to America together

5. How does Hoa die?
(a) She is molested and killed by a squad of American solders to draw them away
(b) She died in a bar room brawl
(c) She died storming a regiment
(d) She died of a virus

6. What almost happens between them?
(a) They almost run away together
(b) They almost argue
(c) They almost get married
(d) They almost make love

7. Why does Kien write in the post war period?
(a) It’s the only job he can get
(b) To exorcise his feelings
(c) It’s Phuong’s wish
(d) To become famous

8. Who sends Kien the letter that he receives many years later?
(a) The Mute Girl
(b) One of the taunting soldiers
(c) Phuong
(d) The Narrator

9. Who is Kien's first 'kill' of the War?
(a) North Vietnamese commando
(b) South Vietnamese civilian
(c) American soldier
(d) The Sailor on the Train

10. Why can Toan be considered a 'rival'?
(a) Because their army superior liked Toan more
(b) Because Toan is also a writer
(c) Because Toan and Kien were always gambling
(d) Because he also vied for Phuong's affections when they were younger

11. Where did Kien meet Phuong?
(a) On the battlefield
(b) In army training
(c) After the war
(d) At school

12. How does Kien's friend Tu die?
(a) He was shot in the foot
(b) He tried to attack a paratrooper
(c) He fell off a cliff
(d) He draws machine gun fire so that Kien can complete his mission.-

13. What was Kien planning before the air raid sirens were called?
(a) A romantic dinner with Phuong
(b) To go to a bar
(c) To go home
(d) To go to a movie

14. What does Kien do the next day?
(a) Joins with the South Vietnamese.
(b) Returns to Hanoi
(c) Deserts into the Jungle
(d) Reports for duty and begins his war service

15. What did one particular friend think was the worst thing that could happen to a soldier?
(a) Having no money
(b) A bad relationship
(c) Venereal disease
(d) Having a small house

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kien discover about his fathers painting when he goes to warn him?

2. What profession did Kien's father hold?

3. What happens to Phuong after the train is derailed?

4. Where do Kien and Phuong go when they first hear about the outbreak of war?

5. Who is Hoa?

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