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Bao Ninh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Kien's definition of sacrifice?
(a) Having to be away from home
(b) Friends who would die to save one another
(c) Leaving Phuong
(d) Eating army dinners

2. What almost happens between them?
(a) They almost run away together
(b) They almost argue
(c) They almost get married
(d) They almost make love

3. Where do Phuong and Kien run off to whilst they are at school?
(a) To South Vietnam
(b) To America
(c) To the beach
(d) To Australia

4. At what times of the day does Kien write?
(a) Mornings only
(b) Night-time
(c) Day time
(d) Any time that he can

5. Who does Kien dream about in hospital?
(a) His lover, Phuong
(b) His mother
(c) His childhood friend
(d) His pet dog

6. Why does Kien make his first 'kill'?
(a) To serve his country
(b) To save the life of his comrades
(c) To save his own life
(d) To protect Phuong

7. What does Kien feel about the process of writing a novel at the start of Part Six?
(a) That is a worthy and moral process
(b) That it is making him famous
(c) That it is boring and unproductive
(d) That it makes lots of money

8. Why is it lucky that Kien and Phuong miss their first train?
(a) It was late getting to the front line
(b) They avoid someone they don't like
(c) It broke down on the way to the War
(d) It got bombed

9. What does Kien recognise about the driver of the tram on his return home from the bar?
(a) That he is a ghost from the war
(b) It is the father of Toan
(c) That he is actually Phuong
(d) That he is a long lost friend

10. What did Phuong have to do during the war in order to survive?
(a) Become a thief
(b) Become a smuggler
(c) Become a prostitute
(d) Become a killer

11. Where does the narrative of Part Four start?
(a) Before Kien was born
(b) With Kien fighting
(c) With Kien writing
(d) From Phuong's point of view

12. Where did Kien meet Phuong?
(a) In army training
(b) At school
(c) After the war
(d) On the battlefield

13. Why does Phuong accompany Kien on the train when they sign up for the war effort?
(a) They want to spend all the time they have left together
(b) She is travelling to her relatives
(c) To make sure he gets there
(d) She has never been on a train before

14. What was the first occasion that Kien had been drunk?
(a) After the fighting at Saigon aiport
(b) After the air raid in Hanoi
(c) After his sixteenth birthday
(d) After the train got bombed

15. What is the difference between the writing Kien performs during the day and that which he writes at night?
(a) The day time writing is more factually accurate
(b) The day time writing is more legible
(c) The day time writing is more compassionate
(d) The day time ideas appear contrived and artificial

Short Answer Questions

1. How are Kien and Phuong separated the very next day?

2. What does Kien do the next day?

3. Why is Kien afraid to miss his train?

4. Who sends Kien the letter that he receives many years later?

5. How does Kien's friend Tu die?

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