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Bao Ninh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Kien's primary method to exorcise his guilt about the Vietnamese War?
(a) He fights constantly
(b) He drinks excessively
(c) He cries ceaselessly
(d) He writes obsessively

2. On whose side were the American's fighting during the Vietnam War?
(a) The South Vietnamese
(b) Their U.N's
(c) The North Vietnamese
(d) The British

3. What Point of View perspective is the first Part written from?
(a) Second Person
(b) First Person perspective
(c) Fourth Person
(d) Third Person

4. What did the character of Can try to do?
(a) Escape from the war
(b) Attack Kien because of a private insult
(c) Sacrifice himself for his comrades
(d) Steal food because he was hungry

5. Why is it called the Jungle of Screaming Souls?
(a) Because of the terrible battles that were fought there
(b) Because of the high winds in the area
(c) Because of the monkeys that live there
(d) Because of an ancient legend associated with that area

6. Why does Kien find it so difficult to accept Tranh's death?
(a) Because Tranh had enough money to buy medicine
(b) Because he loved Tranh dearly
(c) Because Tranh was always so lucky
(d) Because he was once so alive and 'vital'

7. Why did the American government go to War in Vietnam?
(a) At the behest of NATO
(b) To secure trade routes through the Asiatic sea
(c) To stop the spread of Communism through Asia
(d) To defend France

8. What position did Kien hold in the War?
(a) Platoon commander
(b) Brigadier General
(c) Truck Driver
(d) Lieutennant

9. Who were responsible for the farmhouse girl's deaths?
(a) Kien's own platoon
(b) The Americans
(c) North Vietnamese Commandoes
(d) The South Vietnamese

10. Who is Phuong?
(a) Kien's lover
(b) Kien's sister
(c) A fellow soldier
(d) Kien's mother

11. How does Kien think his body collecting job is different from his wartime experience?
(a) Body Collecting has no value to it
(b) Body Collecting pays better
(c) Body Collecting is a moral thing to do
(d) Body Collecting is more dangerous

12. In what years was the Vietnam War fought?
(a) 60-70's
(b) 50's and 60's
(c) early 90's
(d) 2000-2010

13. What job did Kien do during the Vietnamese War, which he remembers so vividly?
(a) Platoon Commander
(b) Body Collector
(c) General
(d) Transport Truck Driver

14. What happens between Hien and Kien?
(a) They make love
(b) They gamble
(c) They fight
(d) They argue

15. Why did Kien visit Tranh at the end of this chapter?
(a) To see him on his death bed, before he dies
(b) To ask for money
(c) To say sorry
(d) To give him a gift

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kien tell the Mute Girl when he visits her?

2. Who was Tranh?

3. What happens to Kien's manuscript during this time that he is away?

4. When does Kien start writing about the war?

5. What is Kien's job at the start of The Sorrow of War, while he is in the transport truck?

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