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Bao Ninh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Kien doing at the start of Part Three?
(a) Going abroad
(b) Returning home after the war
(c) Hiding with Phuong
(d) Fighting the enemy

2. What does Kien try to do which alarms his neighbor so much?
(a) He tries to burn down the apartment building
(b) He tries to start a fight
(c) He tries to commit suicide
(d) He tries to burn his writings

3. What terrain does most of the war take place in?
(a) Desert
(b) Sea
(c) Mountain
(d) Jungles and Mountains

4. What does Kien worry he should be doing with his writing?
(a) He should be writing more often
(b) He should be submitting it to publishers
(c) He should be trying to publish in magazines
(d) That he should be concentrating his writing on his present situation rather than the past

5. How does Kien think his body collecting job is different from his wartime experience?
(a) Body Collecting pays better
(b) Body Collecting is a moral thing to do
(c) Body Collecting is more dangerous
(d) Body Collecting has no value to it

6. What political position did the American's Hold?
(a) Capitalist
(b) Anarchic
(c) Communist
(d) Socialist

7. Where does Kien live in the present day?
(a) In a mansion
(b) In a cottage
(c) In an apartment complex
(d) In a tenement building

8. Where is Hanoi?
(a) The capital of North Vietnam
(b) North America
(c) The capital of South Vietnam
(d) China

9. Why did the American government go to War in Vietnam?
(a) At the behest of NATO
(b) To defend France
(c) To stop the spread of Communism through Asia
(d) To secure trade routes through the Asiatic sea

10. When does the Mute Girl realise that their relationship is over?
(a) When Kien starts crying
(b) When she finds that he has disappeared
(c) When Kien talks about Phuong
(d) When Kien spends too much time writing

11. What position did Kien hold in the War?
(a) Lieutennant
(b) Brigadier General
(c) Truck Driver
(d) Platoon commander

12. What is the term for the sudden remembrances that Kien suffers throughout The Sorrow of War?
(a) Deja-Vu
(b) Visions
(c) Flashbacks
(d) Daydreams

13. What political position did the North Vietnamese Hold?
(a) Anarcho-Syndicalism
(b) Facist
(c) Communist
(d) Capitalist

14. What Point of view is this chapter written in?
(a) The fourth point of view
(b) The first person and the third person perspective
(c) The Third point of view
(d) The Second point of view

15. Who was the boy that Kien had feelings for?
(a) Hanh
(b) Lan
(c) Tranh
(d) Cam

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Kien start writing about the war?

2. What does Kien do to the Commandoes when he finds them?

3. What airport did Kien find himself in at the end of the war?

4. Just before the outbreak of the Vietnam conflict, who was the enemy that Vietnam was about to go to war with?

5. What characterised the feelings that Kien had for warfare before it happened?

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