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Michael Scott (Irish author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is one person who picks up John Dee from the London airport?
(a) The Sphinx.
(b) An undercover agent from Scotland yard.
(c) The Vetala master for the Lond area.
(d) A First Generation Elder.

2. Who does Juan Manuel de Ayala say is coming for Perenelle?
(a) Nicholas.
(b) Nereus.
(c) John Dee.
(d) The Archon.

3. To what can an Elder return a human?
(a) A state of unconsciousness.
(b) Their mortal state.
(c) An animal that they evolved from.
(d) A state of infancy.

4. What happens just as Nicholas asks Perenelle if she can stay safe for a while?
(a) John Dee interrupts the spell.
(b) Someone attacks the house where Nicolas is.
(c) A monster jumps at her.
(d) One of the twins screams.

5. What decimates the Wild Hunt?
(a) The Horned God.
(b) Shakespeare's various creatures.
(c) John Dee.
(d) Archon.

6. Who formed an alliance with Perenelle?
(a) The Young Asp.
(b) Areop-Enap.
(c) Eron-sape.
(d) The Old Wight.

7. Who cuts power to the cab in which Flamel and the others are riding?
(a) Bastet.
(b) John Dee.
(c) The Horned God.
(d) Archon.

8. What does Bastet ask John Dee?
(a) If he will give her his soul in exchange for immortality that cannot be taken back.
(b) If he wants to help bring the Elders back.
(c) If he can free Mars.
(d) If he wants to become an Elder.

9. Why is Nereus after Perenelle?
(a) To take to stand against the Elders.
(b) To show her his power.
(c) To take as a wife for his son.
(d) To pay off an old debt.

10. What has Dee collected that are at Alcatraz?
(a) A group of dissatisfied wizards.
(b) A group of dangerous ex-cons.
(c) A group of mythical creatures.
(d) A vampire clan.

11. What do Flamel's group debate while waiting for the attack?
(a) Whether to make Josh and Sophie leave.
(b) Whether to split into several pairs and go in different directions.
(c) The best way to take out the Horned God.
(d) Whether to run or stay and fight.

12. What does King Gilgamesh do when Palamedes pulls up to a red stoplight?
(a) Try to engage Josh in sword fighting.
(b) Try to take Sophie.
(c) Try to kill Flamel.
(d) Clean the windshield.

13. Why does Juan Manuel de Ayala lead Perenelle into the shadows?
(a) To lure her to a spider's web.
(b) To show her something.
(c) To lure her to a vampire's den.
(d) To attack her.

14. What do Sophie and Josh do as the Wild Hunt grows closer?
(a) Set the moat ablaze.
(b) Call on the eagles.
(c) Set the bridge ablaze.
(d) Prepare a translocation spell.

15. Why do Palamedes and Shakespeare try to stop Nicholas from helping Perenelle?
(a) They are afraid Nicholas will be disabled by helping Perenelle.
(b) Nicholas might draw attention to the house where they are.
(c) They both fear Perenelle and hope she will die.
(d) They want Nicholas' power themselvs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Josh fight across the oil moat?

2. Of what group are all creatures of mythology?

3. What shocks Palamedes about the sword Excalibur?

4. What are the figures in green parkas called?

5. What is the Horned God here to do?

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