The Sorceress Short Essay - Answer Key

Michael Scott (Irish author)
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1. What is happening to the speaker in the program and why?

In the Prologue, the speaker is aging quickly due to having to use his powers more frequently in the past three days than in the past century.

2. What does the speaker have to get from Dee and the Dark Elders and why is there hope that he can?

The speaker in the prologue must get the Codex from the evil forces led by Dee and the Dark Elders. There is hope, though, in the twins' survival.

3. Why does the speaker fear entering London and where does the speaker ultimately hope to go?

The speaker fears the city of London, which he is about to enter; this is where Dee's powers are strongest. The speaker hopes to use ley lines and the Awakened powers of the twins to return to San Francisco and his beloved Perenelle.

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