Objects & Places from The Sorceress

Michael Scott (Irish author)
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London - This is where the story begins and the location of much of the plot involving Nicholas, the twins, and Dee.

Paris - This city is near Stonehenge where Joan of Arc and Scatty are sent to the Pleistocene Epoch.

San Francisco - The city in which the twins first met the Flamels and where Perenelle is trapped for most of the book.

Alcatraz - A former prison and historical monument that has become a zoo for deadly creatures Dee plans on wakening.

Stonehenge - Where the leygate to San Francisco is located.

Leygates/Ley Lines - Pathways for traveling through time and space. They are found all over the world.

Notre Dame/Point Zero - A famous Cathedral whose leygate is used by Dee used to send Joan and Scatty back in time.

Shadowrealms - Artificial worlds created by Elders.

Excalibur - The twin...

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