The Sorceress Character Descriptions

Michael Scott (Irish author)
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Perenelle Flamel - The Sorceress and the main character and focus of this book.

Nicholas Flamel - This immortal does not have an Elder master controlling him.

Josh Newman - One of the twins of legend who is Awakened by Mars.

Sophie Newman - One of the twins of legend who is awakened by the Witch of Endor.

Dr. John Dee - Asenior agent and one of the most dangerous Dark Elders who wants to bring back all the Elders from the Shadowrealms.

Dark Elders - Once the rulers of the world, many of whom have been sent to distant Shadowrealms.

Niccolo Machiavelli - A Dark Elder who sides with Dee but is not sure all Dark Elders should return.

Genii Cucullati - The Hooded Ones who are flesh eaters.

Areop-Enap - The Old Spider and an immortal.

The Sphinx - The guardian of Alcatraz, who...

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