The Sorceress Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Michael Scott (Irish author)
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The Prologue, Monday 4th June: Chapters 1-8

• The speaker in the prologue is aging quickly due to using so much of his power in the last few days. He is stuck in London with the twins.

• A boy, who is not human sees Nichols and the two twins and takes a picture of them with his cell phone and sends it to John Dee a Dark Elder.

• Josh, the twin boy feels overwhelmed with his powers. He has two pages from the Codex that Dee's needs. Sophie, his twin spot three figures.

• The three figures are wearing green parkas. The are the Hooded Ones, also known as Flesh Eaters or Genii Cucullati.

• Nicholas and the twins run into a dead end alley. Nicholas tries to keep the twins from using their powers and alerting the evil ones in the city.

• The three escape from the Hooded Ones using...

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