Objects & Places from The Song of Achilles

Madeline Miller
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This place is Achilles’ homeland, ruled by Peleus.


This is the island where Lycomedes lives with Deidameia and foster daughter who are famous for their dancing.


This is the city the Greeks set out to conquer in order to bring Helen back to her husband.

Patroclus’ Mother’s Lyre

This is a gift Menoitius makes to Peleus, in order to compensate for him taking Patroclus into his house when Patroclus is exiled. This object becomes a favorite possession of Achilles and Patroclus’ both.

Spoils of War

This consists of tripods and serving bowls, in addition to girls and servants. The soldiers’ contention over this is what brings about the conclusion of The Song of Achilles.


These predictions say that Achilles will be the best of the Greeks, and live a life of fame and renown. They also stipulate the causes and order of deaths...

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