Objects & Places from The Son

Philipp Meyer
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The Papers

Jeanne thinks in Chapter Two about these objects that she saved from the fire but never got around to destroying.


When Eli sees this image during the daytime he believes it is a sign of bad luck. Perhaps he is right, as his house and family are attacked by indians that night.

Balm of Gilead

This is the sap from the cottonwood tree that Jeanne’s great-grandfather would scrape from the buds.

Buckskin Vest

This object worn by the Colonel is rumored to be made from Apache scalps.

Kotsoteka Comanche

This is the tribe of Indians that takes Eli hostage.

Mural in the School at McCullough Springs

Jeanne’s father commissions this work of art that depicts working Mexicans.

String of Pearls

Jeanne’s grandmother gives her this object when Jeanne is sent away to a boarding school in Connecticut.

Bow and Arrows

These objects...

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