The Son Character Descriptions

Philipp Meyer
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Eli “The Colonel” McCullough

As the patriarch of the novel's central family, this character has lived a very colorful life. He was born the same day that the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed. In his early teens, his family became the victims of the Commanche Indians and he was taken into captivity.

Jeanne Anne McCullough

This is the main character in the contemporary storyline of the novel. She is bequeathed her father’s portion of the ranch after his death, but had taken over running the ranch before that time.

Peter McCullough

This character in the novel does not have the fiery business personality of either his father or his granddaughter. Instead, he is more in touch with his emotions and his relationships with people. He is embarrassed by how rich his family is and depressed when they become even richer when his father finds oil on their...

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