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Philipp Meyer
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Chapters 1 – 3

• The Son by Philipp Meyer details the rise and fall of a Texas family made rich in the oil and cattle industries.

• The story spans six generations and 200 years of the McCullough family from its first headright in Texas, to its rise to great wealth, and through its tragic end.

• On his deathbed, 100-year-old Eli McCullough recounts the early years of his life in Chapter One.

• Eli was born the same day as the signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence; his father was one of the earliest American settlers in Texas.

• Chapter Two details the thoughts of Jeanne Anne McCullough as she lies on the floor of a huge Spanish style house.

• Jeanne thinks that she will die alone but also vaguely believes someone else is responsible for her death.

• At the conclusion of the chapter Jeanne remembers some papers she has that she was never...

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