The Solace of Open Spaces Fun Activities

Gretel Ehrlich
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Casting Activity

Imagine that you are casting characters for a movie version of the book. Make a list of actors and actresses you would use and indicate which characters they would play.

Interview Activity

Write ten questions that you would use if you were to interview Gretel Ehrlich.

Map Activity

Create a map showing where the places in the book are located.

Timeline Activity

Create a timeline showing the events as they happened in the book.

Book Review

Write a review of the book.

Acting Activity

With a group act out a scene from the book.

Reading Activity

Read another book written by Gretel Ehrlich.

Venn Diagram

Compare two people in the book using a Venn diagram.

Newspaper Writing Activity

Write a newspaper article about Gretel Ehrlich.

Letter to the Author

Write a letter to Gretel Ehrlich.

Comparison Activity

Compare yourself to one of the people in the...

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