The Society of the Spectacle Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. In thesis 1, life has become mere ________.


2. In thesis 3, the spectacle serves as a means of what in society?


3. The spectacle in thesis 4 is described as what?

A social relationship.

4. In thesis 4, images _________ the spectacle.


5. In thesis 5, the spectacle should be viewed as what?

A weltanschauung.

6. In thesis 9, Debord says truth is a moment of what?


7. What does the spectacle monopolize, according to thesis 12?

Realm of appearance.

8. In thesis 13, the spectacle is essentially what?


9. In thesis 13, Debord compares the spectacle to what?

The sun.

10. What is the chief product of present day society, according to Chapter 1?

The spectacle.

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