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Modern communities that are distinguishable units because of their particular aims and standards of conduct.


A system declaring putatively notable, unusual, and entertaining events.

Enquete Parlementaire sur l'Insurrection du 18 Mars

The report from the inquest about Paris Commune.

Ruge's letter to Marx, March 1843

Chapter 8 begins with a quotation taken from this.


This is an economic system characterized by private ownership of commodities.


This is an economic good such as a product of mining or agriculture.

Worker's Councils

This is an assembly or organization of working class members that intends to facilitate direct worker involvement in the management of business or production.


This is is the process arising from labor.

The Bourgeoisie

This is the name given to that class of modern capitalists who are the owners of the means of social production.

The Proletariat

The name given to the class of modern laborers...

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