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Chapter 1, Separation Perfected

• The Society of the Spectacle was first published in 1967 in France.

• It focuses on economic philosophy in 221 theses throughout nine chapters.
• Debord expands on the philosophies of Marx, contending that life is a spectacle.

• Reality is detached from experience through the current system of production.
• Debord believes the spectacle is the social relationship between people, mediated by images.

• The spectacle is a representation of society, superseding reality.
• Because the spectacle does not represent real work or products, only the ideas of them, Debord believes it is an alienating force in society.

Chapter 2, Commodity as Spectacle

• Chapter 2 is focused on the capitalistic commodity as a fundamental aspect of the spectacle.
• The means of production have driven all of human development and history, from mere survival to producing commodities for mass consumption, as outlined in Chapter 2.
• Debord explains how an economy arises from the production, a social...

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