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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Harry tells the woman in the beginning of “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” that he watched the way the vultures sailed carefully in case he ever wanted to do what?
(a) Use them in a story
(b) Use them in a song
(c) Use them in a sculpture
(d) Paint them in a picture

2. Of what does Harry’s companion say “That’s the good destruction. That’s the way we’re made to be destroyed”?
(a) In bed
(b) In love
(c) In the press
(d) In warfare

3. The name of the western summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro translates to what in English, according to the author’s preface to the story?
(a) The Den of the Dragon
(b) The House of God
(c) The Scaffold of Life
(d) The Palace of Kings

4. What does the word “skischule” translate to in English?
(a) Butcher
(b) Ski school
(c) Wine parlor
(d) Hot dog stand

5. Of Harry’s companion, the narrator says, “She loved anything that was exciting, that involved a change of scene, where there were new people and where things were” what?
(a) A struggle
(b) Complicated
(c) Interesting
(d) Pleasant

6. The narrator says that Harry planned this safari in the hopes that he could burn what off his soul in “the way a fighter went to the mountains to work and train in order to burn it out of his body”?
(a) Weakness
(b) Damage
(c) Sloth
(d) Fat

7. What drink does Harry ask the African servant to bring him in the beginning of the story?
(a) Rum and soda
(b) Ginger ale
(c) Whiskey-soda
(d) Lemonade

8. In one flashback, Harry recalls “the man who had the fox to sell when they had walked into” what town?
(a) Bludenz
(b) St. Gallen
(c) Kappl
(d) Feidkirch

9. What word from the story refers to tight-fitting trousers worn primarily for horseback riding?
(a) Patsies
(b) Dongles
(c) Jodhpurs
(d) Derbies

10. Of Harry, the narrator says, “It was not so much that he lied as that” what?
(a) He needed her money
(b) He no longer knew the truth
(c) There was no truth to tell
(d) He had nothing else to say

11. Who does Harry’s companion call for when she awakens at the end of the story?
(a) Hans
(b) Molo
(c) Nansen
(d) Lent

12. Harry’s mistress tells him in the beginning of the story that Black’s Medical Dictionary says that what is bad for him in his condition?
(a) Laying still
(b) Antibiotics
(c) Talking
(d) Alcohol

13. Harry tells the woman that the first thing he did to deserve his fate was not putting what on his wound when he first scratched himself?
(a) Peroxide
(b) A bandage
(c) Iodine
(d) Alcohol

14. Where does Compton appear to be flying Harry to at the end of the story?
(a) The train station at Paris
(b) The rescue center in Arusha
(c) The hospital in Bengasi
(d) The top of Mt. Kilimanjaro

15. Who is described as having owned the guns in the log house that Harry describes to his companion as she dictates in the second half of the story?
(a) Harry’s great-grandfather
(b) Harry’s uncle
(c) Harry’s father
(d) Harry’s grandfather

Short Answer Questions

1. Harry’s companion tells him that they always stayed at what hotel in St. Germain?

2. The Hôtel de Crillon is located at the foot of what famous street?

3. When recalling his first, lost love, Harry recalls writing her a letter and sending it where?

4. What do the two boys have slung and carry as they follow Harry’s companion back to the camp when she returns in the evening?

5. Harry scratched himself as he and his companion were moving forward to photograph what animals?

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