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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Harry’s flashback to the fighting in Anatolia, the narrator remarks, “That was the day he'd first seen dead men wearing white ballet skirts and upturned shoes with” what on them?
(a) Letters
(b) Buckles
(c) Pompons
(d) Bullets

2. What is Harry’s response when his companion says, “That's not fair. I love you now. I'll always love you. Don't you love me?”
(a) Yes, I want to marry you, sweetheart
(b) Once I loved you. I don’t know anymore
(c) Yes, of course I love you, dear
(d) No. I don’t think so. I never have

3. What war was Harry fighting in when he was in Anatolia?
(a) The French and Spanish War
(b) World War I
(c) World War II
(d) The Korean War

4. In one flashback, Harry recalls “the man who had the fox to sell when they had walked into” what town?
(a) Bludenz
(b) Kappl
(c) Feidkirch
(d) St. Gallen

5. When Harry apologizes and tells his companion that he’s never loved anyone else the way he loved her, the narrator comments, “He slipped into the familiar lie he made” what by?
(a) His faithful reverie
(b) His solicitations
(c) His bread and butter
(d) His novels

6. In Harry’s flashback to living in the woodcutter’s house, he recalls sleeping on mattresses filled with what?
(a) Tobacco leaves
(b) Beech leaves
(c) Juniper leaves
(d) Palm leaves

7. What comment does Harry make to his companion before saying, “That’s poetry. I’m full of poetry now. Rot and poetry. Rotten poetry”?
(a) A letter’s better
(b) Look at the book
(c) You rich bitch
(d) A rhyme in time

8. One of Harry’s mistress’s children was killed how?
(a) In a hurricane
(b) In a plane crash
(c) In battle
(d) In a car accident

9. Harry’s mistress tells him in the beginning of “The Snows of Kilimanjaro,” “You can’t die if you don’t” what?
(a) Give up
(b) Want to
(c) Try to
(d) Fight

10. When was the Hôtel de Crillon opened in Paris?
(a) 1909
(b) 1925
(c) 1825
(d) 1915

11. Of Harry, the narrator says, “It was not so much that he lied as that” what?
(a) He needed her money
(b) There was no truth to tell
(c) He had nothing else to say
(d) He no longer knew the truth

12. When dictating to his companion, Harry describes riding a bike up the only asphalted street in his quarter of Paris which led to a tall hotel where who had died?
(a) Marie Antoinette
(b) Paul Verlaine
(c) Marie LeVeaux
(d) Napoleon Bonaparte

13. What decorative object does Harry describe outside the Boucherie Chevaline when he dictates to his companion in the latter part of the story?
(a) A silver goat’s head
(b) A brass cow’s head
(c) A golden wreath
(d) A golden horse’s head

14. In what part of his body is Harry afflicted in the story?
(a) His left arm
(b) His right leg
(c) His left leg
(d) His right arm

15. When was Black’s Medical Dictionary first published?
(a) 1885
(b) 1911
(c) 1906
(d) 1723

Short Answer Questions

1. Vorarlberg is located in what current nation?

2. Who is described in Harry’s flashback as having “lost it all” while playing cards by lantern light during a blizzard at the mountain huts by Schrunz?

3. In Harry’s flashback to fleeing from a British gunner subaltern with a woman, they get into a taxi and go to what location along the Bosphorus?

4. What does Harry say was burned out of the truck when arguing with his companion in the beginning of the story?

5. What kind of African equids does Harry see when he looks out over the plains in the beginning of the story?

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