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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Snows of Kilimanjaro.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Sette Communi was a group of municipalities in the Veneto region that spoke what language?
(a) The Sami language
(b) The Udmurt language
(c) The Frisian language
(d) The Cimbrian language

2. Where is “that old bastard” from that Harry describes as having beaten the chore boy in Harry’s memories of the ranch?
(a) The Forks
(b) The Canyons
(c) The Prairies
(d) The Willows

3. Vorarlberg is located in what current nation?
(a) Germany
(b) Austria
(c) Poland
(d) Russia

4. The Dada movement was originated by a group of artists and poets associated with what café?
(a) The Café Vordergasse
(b) The White Horse Tavern
(c) The Cabaret Voltaire
(d) The Café Fribourg

5. What term was popularized by Ernest Hemingway and referred to describe the generation that came of age during World War I?
(a) The Silent Generation
(b) The Beat Generation
(c) The Absurdist Generation
(d) The Lost Generation

Short Answer Questions

1. Harry’s mistress is described as having a “well-known, well-loved face from Spur and” what magazine?

2. As Harry describes his past for his companion to dictate in the second half of the story, he describes the husband of the woman who ran the Bal Musette as having what occupation?

3. When dictating to his companion, Harry describes riding a bike up the only asphalted street in his quarter of Paris which led to a tall hotel where who had died?

4. As his companion dictates, Harry describes renting a trout stream after the war and says there were two ways to walk it. One was down the valley from where?

5. When Harry’s mistress says in the beginning of the story, “Please tell me what I can do,” Harry responds that she can take his leg off or do what?

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