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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Snows of Kilimanjaro.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of whom does Harry think, “You said that you could write about these people; that you were not really of them but a spy in their country”?
(a) The very rich
(b) The very poor
(c) The very noble
(d) The very weak-minded

2. Harry tells his companion in the evening as they sit by the fire, “You know the only thing I've never lost is” what?
(a) Gratitude
(b) Love
(c) Curiosity
(d) Talent

3. Who argues with the Secretary about whether or not there is snow on the mountains in Harry’s flashback in the beginning of the story?
(a) Nansen
(b) Hans
(c) Molo
(d) Herr Lent

4. Of Harry’s companion, the narrator says, “She loved anything that was exciting, that involved a change of scene, where there were new people and where things were” what?
(a) Complicated
(b) A struggle
(c) Pleasant
(d) Interesting

5. What French word does the narrator use to describe drunkenness in the narrative?
(a) Louchébem
(b) Ivresse
(c) Klezmer-loshn
(d) Verlan

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what does the narrator say Harry had sold “in one form or another, all his life and when your affections are not too involved you give much better value for the money”?

2. Harry’s companion tells him when she returns from hunting, “The boys have the wood all ready and the grass to make” what?

3. The Hôtel de Crillon is located at the foot of what famous street?

4. The Rue Cardinal Lemoine is described as running in one direction to the river and in the other direction to the narrow crowded world of what street?

5. What does the German word “jäger” translate to in English?

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