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At 19,710 feet, this is the highest free–standing mountain in the world.


This is the continent where the protagonist is on safari in the story.

The Leopard

The frozen carcass of this creature is described on the western slope of the mountain in the author's preface to the story.

Ngaje Ngai

This is the term the author uses to describe the name of the western summit of the mountain. This name means "the House of God."


This is the affliction that is killing the protagonist in the story.


The protagonist of the story regrets not having used this ointment, which would have prevented his current condition.


When Harry begins recalling his past, he remembers "looking out the window and seeing snow on the mountains in" this country.

The Madlenerhaus

In Harry's flashback to Christmas in Schrunz, the narrator describes a glacier above these...

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