The Snowman: A Harry Hole Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

Jo Nesbo
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1. What is the genre of The Snowman? What are the characteristics of this literary genre?

The Snowman is a crime fiction novel with some thriller aspects. Crime fiction centers on crimes, motivations of the criminals, and the investigative process of bringing those criminals to justice.

2. Where is The Snowman set? How does the setting inform the action of the plot?

The Snowman is set in Oslo, Norway, and the surrounding areas. The setting is connected to the plot because it snows frequently in this area and the author uses the setting to establish an eerie mood.

3. What scenario is described in Chapter 1 of the novel?

In Chapter 1, an unnamed little boy is taken by his mother to see her lover. The boy is left outside in the car while his mother, Sara Kvinesland. sleeps with her lover. When she returns to the car, her son is shaken and tells her they will die.

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