Daily Lessons for Teaching The Snowman: A Harry Hole Novel

Jo Nesbo
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Lesson 1 (from Part 1: Chapters 1 - 4)


This lesson introduces students to Jo Nesbø’s crime-thriller novel, The Snowman. Students will research the author and the Harry Hole series, read Chapter 1, and discuss the novel’s genre, mood and tone. Chapter 1 is established by the author to open in November of 1980. A young boy, unnamed, is taken by his mother to her lover’s house. The boy is instructed to wait in the car while his mother, Sara Kvinesland, goes inside, telling him that she will only be ten minutes.


Research/Independent Activity: Take time in class to conduct research on author Jo Nesbø and the publication of The Snowman. When was the novel published? How many other works has Jo Nesbø written? What are common themes in the author’s work? What adaptations have been produced of the novel? Complete a 1-2 page paper based on your conclusions.

Group Assignment: Assign...

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