The Snowman: A Harry Hole Novel Fun Activities

Jo Nesbo
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Serial Killers

The serial killer in The Snowman is fictional but follows many of the same protocols of serial killers in real life. Research one of these real killers and discuss how their crimes resemble those in The Snowman.

Examining Clues

In solving the mystery in The Snowman, Harry takes note of several clues that lead his investigation. Create a case file for Harry that includes each clue and what it determines.

Mobile Phones

Early in the novel, Katrine is lectured on mobile phones and their importance in modern police investigations. Research ways that mobile phones have been used to solve crimes and prepare a presentation for the class.

Court Trial

Have students participate in acting out a court trial for Mathias in The Snowman. Assign a prosecutor, defense attorney, jury, etc.

Crime Fiction

The Snowman is a novel that falls into the genres of crime fiction and...

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