The Snowman: A Harry Hole Novel Character Descriptions

Jo Nesbo
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Harry Hole

This character is the protagonist of the novel. He is described as being unattractive, a loner, and an alcoholic.

Katrine Rafto Bratt

This character is a young officer who has joined the Oslo police force intending to clear her father’s name.

Mathias Lund-Helgesen

This character tells his mother after seeing the Snowman that they are both going to die. He later becomes a serial killer and he serves as the central antagonist in the novel.

Rakel Fauke

This character is the ex-wife of the protagonist. Their marriage ultimately ended due to his dedication to his job.

Magnus Skarre

This detective works in the same department as the protagonist. He mocks the protagonist when he investigates a butchering of chickens at the Rolf barn.

Inspector Gert “Iron” Rafto

This detective hoped to break the Snowman case and thus redeem his name and reputation.

Filip Becker

This character...

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