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Short Answer Questions

1. Which two men are strangely connected even after they part in Part 4?

2. What does Schaller find that indicates the presence of a mammal?

3. Who warned Schaller and Matthiessen about the behavior of one of the members of Matthiessen's group?

4. Who has a key to the monastery?

5. What does Matthiessen not know when he arrives at the location where he is supposed to meet Tukten?

Short Essay Questions

1. While Schaller is happy watching the blue sheep near the monastery, what does Matthiessen get concerned about and why?

2. What kind of sleeping arrangements can Matthiessen, Schaller, and the rest of their group find at the monastery?

3. When the sherpas say that there is another trail east of the Shey Pass but the group does not have a permit, what does Schaller suggest?

4. What makes it easier for Dawa to travel after they leave Murwa?

5. With whom does Matthiessen share a special bond and what about this individual surprises him in Jumla?

6. What does Schaller wonder about the juvenile sheep that he sees outside the monastery?

7. What is the uncomfortable discovery that Matthiessen makes during his descent down the mountain range from Murwa?

8. What does Matthiessen share from the letters he receives from Schaller dated December 8th and 9th in the last part of the book?

9. When Matthiessen goes to the Kathmandu Valley to meet Tukten, what does he find and what does he do?

10. What do Matthiessen, Tukten, and Dawa do when they arrive in Jumla?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The four rhetorical modes of writing are exposition, argumentation, description, and narration. Which mode or modes are used in this book and how? List at least one example of each mode you find in the book. Explain what reason Matthiessen might have had for using it.

Essay Topic 2

At Crystal Mountain, Matthiessen and the group arrive at a monastery. The head of the monastery called the lama is away. In Buddhism, what is the importance of the lama? Describe the role of the lama. Do some research on the Shey Monastery. What does the area look like today? How does it resemble the description provided by Matthiessen when he visited the area?

Essay Topic 3

Schaller is a noted biologist who travels to remote areas. What are some of the animals he studies and searches for in the Himalayas? Why are they important? Discuss their significance.

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