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Short Answer Questions

1. Despite getting rid of everything that they do not need for the journey, what does Schaller complain is still very heavy?

2. What news does Jang-bu bring Matthiessen's group at Crystal Mountain?

3. Where does Matthiessen go to meet Tukten as they had planned?

4. What gift does Matthiessen fail to bring in his meeting?

5. As ____________, Tukten receives a bonus from Matthiessen.

Short Essay Questions

1. When the sherpas say that there is another trail east of the Shey Pass but the group does not have a permit, what does Schaller suggest?

2. What is the rumor surrounding Tukten when he goes with Gyaltsen to collect the mail and supplies in town?

3. While Schaller is happy watching the blue sheep near the monastery, what does Matthiessen get concerned about and why?

4. What do Matthiessen, Tukten, and Dawa discuss around the campfire and what does Tukten say?

5. When Matthiessen goes to the Kathmandu Valley to meet Tukten, what does he find and what does he do?

6. After Matthiessen and Schaller part ways, where and with whom does Matthiessen travel next?

7. As the group hikes around Crystal Mountain, what is the change that happens to Matthiessen and Schaller?

8. What does Schaller discover when he returns to Kathmandu that prevents travel in the Land of Dolpo?

9. What event do Matthiessen and Schaller witness outside the monastery that surprises them because they did not expect to see that animal or for it to act in the way that it does?

10. What makes it easier for Dawa to travel after they leave Murwa?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Schaller is a noted biologist who travels to remote areas. What are some of the animals he studies and searches for in the Himalayas? Why are they important? Discuss their significance.

Essay Topic 2

Explain the role of Tibetans in the Himalayas in the 1990s when the people mentioned in this book are described. What rights do they have or lack? What freedoms, restrictions, and rules do they have? How does that differ from what they have today?

Essay Topic 3

Tensions between certain individuals offer insight into unfolding dramatic events. Tukten and Gyalsten interact with each other and have a volatile relationship. How does this affect the rest of the climbing party? Does their conflict increase or decrease morale in the group as a whole? Explain.

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