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Short Answer Questions

1. Who/what is Matthiessen's group afraid of meeting when they take a new path to the north up the Kali Gandaki?

2. What part of Matthiessen is wet after reaching the Jaljala Ridge?

3. What makes Matthiessen think that the villages they are passing through used to be refined?

4. Where do Matthiessen and Schaller meet to begin their journey?

5. Who walks easily on sharp ledges and inspires admiration from Matthiessen?

Short Essay Questions

1. What change of plans makes Matthiessen and Schaller feel liberated but also makes the trek more difficult after the sherpas leave?

2. Why does Matthiessen exhibit some reservation about traveling with Schaller at the beginning of the trip?

3. What do Matthiessen and the party see as they hike up the mountain in high spirits that reminds them of their mortality?

4. Why is Matthiessen so affected by the rain and bad weather after they pass through the canyon?

5. How does Matthiessen adjust to the higher elevations once they pass 12,000 feet?

6. When the sherpas lag behind Matthiessen and Schaller, what does Schaller fear that he will miss?

7. When did Matthiessen meet his wife and how does he feel about that experience while writing the novel?

8. What does Matthiessen remark about Asia as they begin their trip?

9. What does Matthiessen have hallucinations about that inspire him to pull out his book The Tibetan Book of the Dead?

10. When the young biologist asks Matthiessen why he is on the journey with Schaller, what does he say?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Tensions between certain individuals offer insight into unfolding dramatic events. Tukten and Gyalsten interact with each other and have a volatile relationship. How does this affect the rest of the climbing party? Does their conflict increase or decrease morale in the group as a whole? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Along their journey, Matthiessen, Schaller, the sherpas, and porters all exhibit signs of fatigue ranging from bloody feet to altitude sickness and snow blindness. How does the elevation of the mountains affect them? Describe the symptoms of altitude sickness. What does the topography of the mountains demand from them physically?

Essay Topic 3

Who or what is the yeti? Describe the yeti as mentioned in "The Snow Leopard". Explain the significance of the yeti to the Nepalese people in your own words.

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