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Short Answer Questions

1. Matthiessen's group carries their packs instead of just _______________.

2. The snow leopard can be considered a _______________.

3. What do Matthiessen and Schaller feel is against them as they journey forward?

4. What does a sherpa announce that makes Schaller happy while Matthiessen's group stops and cooks along the way?

5. How many children does Matthiessen have?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Matthiessen and the party see as they hike up the mountain in high spirits that reminds them of their mortality?

2. Why is Matthiessen so affected by the rain and bad weather after they pass through the canyon?

3. What does Matthiessen remark about Asia as they begin their trip?

4. What are the final arrangements that Matthiessen and Schaller make before they can start their trip?

5. What does Matthiessen have hallucinations about that inspire him to pull out his book The Tibetan Book of the Dead?

6. What does Matthiessen notice in the Jaljala Ridge?

7. What does Matthiessen find on the Nepal side of the mountains that inspires a lot of questions from the group and could mean that they have gotten closer to finding what they came for?

8. When Matthiessen and Schaller arrive in Pokhara, whom do they meet?

9. When did Matthiessen meet his wife and how does he feel about that experience while writing the novel?

10. Whom does Matthiessen think about when the sherpa fetches him and Schaller wine to drink in the old cow shed?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At Crystal Mountain, Matthiessen and the group arrive at a monastery. The head of the monastery called the lama is away. In Buddhism, what is the importance of the lama? Describe the role of the lama. Do some research on the Shey Monastery. What does the area look like today? How does it resemble the description provided by Matthiessen when he visited the area?

Essay Topic 2

Peter Matthiessen points out the resilience in the crippled child who is still hopeful as she makes her way up the mountain side in the beginning of the journey. How does this child's behavior contrast severely with the attitude of many sherpas and porters who leave the group? What is the character trait expressed in the child that is inspiring and deeply moving? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Both Peter Matthiessen and George Schaller are the people this book focuses on the most.

Part 1) Compare Peter Matthiessen to George Schaller. How are these two individuals similar and how are they different?

Part 2) What inspirational purpose does Schaller's mission to Nepal ultimately offer Peter Matthiessen? Elaborate on this.

Part 3) The two men have ultimately two very different experiences. Why does this happen? Schaller encounters the snow leopard at the end, which makes him happy. Peter Matthiessen experiences something different, bonding with the sherpa Tukten who ultimately disappears. Share your opinion on these two experiences.

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