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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Matthiessen makes plans to meet Tukten in four days at his ___________ place in a nearby village.
(a) Aunt's.
(b) Daughter's.
(c) Uncle's.
(d) Grandfather's.

2. In the letter, what does Schaller encounter unexpectedly as he comes out of a canyon with his group?
(a) A marmot.
(b) A snow leopard.
(c) A fox.
(d) A wolf.

3. Where is Matthiessen when he begins to think about ending the journey?
(a) Kang Pass.
(b) Khyber Pass.
(c) Dang Pass.
(d) Monastery.

4. What area is closed to foreigners as a result of the fighting occurring in Nepal?
(a) Land of Dolpo.
(b) Black Canyon.
(c) Kang Pass.
(d) Shey.

5. What airline that Matthiessen is traveling on is on strike?
(a) Singapore Airlines.
(b) Air India.
(c) British Airways.
(d) Lufthansa.

6. What animal tracks do Schaller and Matthiessen find near the monastery?
(a) Arctic fox.
(b) Yeti.
(c) Wild wolves.
(d) Marmot.

7. What does Matthiessen's group have a good view of as they hike around Crystal Mountain?
(a) The desert.
(b) The Black Canyon.
(c) Mt. Everest.
(d) Bhutan.

8. Who warned Schaller and Matthiessen about the behavior of one of the members of Matthiessen's group?
(a) Jang-bu.
(b) Sherpas.
(c) Dawa.
(d) Tukten.

9. Who gets drunk and thinks about going to India with money he has gathered?
(a) Dawa.
(b) Matthiessen.
(c) Gyaltsen.
(d) Tukten.

10. What does Matthiessen think has made the long journey through the mountains worthwhile?
(a) Meeting Tukten.
(b) Hanging out with Schaller.
(c) Coming to Shey.
(d) Losing weight.

11. When Schaller returns from his night of tracking the snow leopard, what does he point out the next day?
(a) Animal droppings.
(b) Fresh footprints.
(c) Sight of foxes.
(d) Sight of bharal.

12. What news does Jang-bu bring Matthiessen's group at Crystal Mountain?
(a) They will not have to encounter police as they go to the next station.
(b) He does not bring news.
(c) There is a village nearby.
(d) The weather is clearing up.

13. What makes both Matthiessen and Schaller stoop over?
(a) A priest.
(b) An old woman.
(c) A broken door.
(d) Low ceiling.

14. Where does Matthiessen's group stop that is just below the Kang Pass?
(a) Pokhara.
(b) Black Pond Camp.
(c) Kathmandu.
(d) Black Canyon.

15. What rare event is Schaller happy to witness outside the monastery?
(a) The chase for food by timber wolves.
(b) The fight to the death among blue sheep.
(c) The mating ritual among foxes.
(d) The rutting of the blue sheep.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Matthiessen have to do when he is on a mountainside?

2. Where can the sick man finally rest?

3. Where will the plane take Matthiessen in Chapter 4?

4. Where does Matthiessen go to meet Tukten as they had planned?

5. Who goes in search of firewood while Matthiessen's group stays one more day at the monastery?

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