The Snow Leopard Character Descriptions

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Peter Matthiessen

This individual is a famous non-fiction writer from New York City who travels through the Himalayas with a scientist for two months after the death of a spouse.

George Schaller

This individual is a famous field biologist/zoologist and naturalist who has traveled and lived all over the world and goes to the Himalayas to look for the elusive snow leopard.


This individual is one of the porters that accompanied Matthiessen and Schaller on the trip. Deemed mysterious and suspicious by other porters, this individual becomes the leader of the sherpas and stays on the journey until the very end.


This individual is a young porter.


This individual is one of the porters.


This individual is another porter.

Siddhartha Gautama

This individual is the ancient holy mendicant who later became known as the Buddha.


These individuals are barefoot and make their...

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