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Prologue, Part 1: Westward

• In September 1973, Peter Matthiessen and George Schaller begin a journey to Crystal Mountain to find the elusive snow leopard.

• The two men walk almost 250 miles to the Land of Dolpo on the Tibetan plateau.

• They meet initially at a hotel in Kathmandu and spend three days there due to heavy rain.

• They obtain money and gear and leave with the sherpas.
• They arrive in Pokhara and are greeted by sherpas and porters to take them up the mountain.

• They pass teahouses, black cows, and paddies on their journey up a rough track.

• They see a child with broken knees.

• Nepal has terrible erosion that is worsening.

• People use firewood and dung for fuel.
• The group walks 10 hours the first day and 11 hours on the second day.

• Matthiessen's boots are falling apart and he walks barefoot.

• It rains a lot, affecting their moods and finally, they...

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