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Short Answer Questions

1. After Josef Settler moves Godicke's bed, what does Godicke do?

2. What church does August join?

3. What does Hanna cut for the dinner table?

4. What service must Mother Hentjen perform for Huguenau as part of the agreement for the sale of the paper?

5. What book of the Bible is read at the Bible study reading?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Hanna thinks about the approaching end of her husband's leave, how does she feel?

2. How do Godicke and Samwauld become friends?

3. In Part Three, Chapter LXVI, how has the relationship between Joachim and Huguenau become?

4. How does the author compare a criminal to an honest citizen?

5. What happens when Hanna's husband leaves?

6. Why did Godicke's roommates tell him gross stories?

7. In Part Three, Chapter XXX, what is Huguenau's impression of Mother Hentjen?

8. When Jaretzki attends the dance sponsored by the Moselle Memorial Association, what does he say about the war?

9. How do Hanna and her husband initially act with each other when he returns from the war?

10. What does the play in Part Three, Chapter LVIV indicate about the relationship between Joachim, August, and Huguenau?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze Huguenau's fascination with Marguerite and her appreciation of him.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Korn and Erna. Describe their similarities and differences in personality as well as their relationship with August.

Essay Topic 3

A decision Joachim makes leads to the death of his horse. What is the significance of the death of Joachim's horse in the story, and what does the horse's death reveal about Joachim?

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