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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Joachim view the dancing?
(a) As youthful.
(b) As entertaining.
(c) As beautiful.
(d) As demonic.

2. How does Bertrand describe Dr. Litwak's complexion?
(a) As choppy.
(b) As uneven.
(c) As yellow cream.
(d) As beet red.

3. At the dance, which patient alarms a nurse by saying the war will never end?
(a) Huzena.
(b) Godicke.
(c) Jaretzki.
(d) Ermena.

4. Where does Bertrand wait for Marie when he visits her in Part Three, Chapter LXI?
(a) In front of a door.
(b) In a lobby.
(c) In the common room.
(d) In an office.

5. How is Secret Report No. 1 received?
(a) With joy.
(b) In gratitude.
(c) In confusion.
(d) With displeasure.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Godicke stop doing for two days in Part Three, Chapter XL?

2. Why does the doctor play for Joachim?

3. What does Bertrand see when he leaves Marie and heads home in Part Three, Chapter XXII?

4. What does August agree to continue doing at the paper in Part Three, Chapter XXIX?

5. What does Huguenau think of Mother Hentjen physically?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the play in Part Three, Chapter LVIV indicate about the relationship between Joachim, August, and Huguenau?

2. What is Joachim's state of mind at August's religious meeting?

3. What does Bertrand question in Part Three, Chapter LXXII?

4. How does the author compare a criminal to an honest citizen?

5. How do Hanna and her husband initially act with each other when he returns from the war?

6. How does Huguenau expect Joachim to feel after receiving his secret report?

7. When Hanna thinks about the approaching end of her husband's leave, how does she feel?

8. How does Huguenau try to stop Joachim from taking walks with August?

9. In Part Three, Chapter XXX, what is Huguenau's impression of Mother Hentjen?

10. What does Joachim think when he sees Huguenau dancing?

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