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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the man Marie has an affair with?
(a) Sussin.
(b) Numech.
(c) Bertrand.
(d) Joachim.

2. Joachim receives a secret order. What does it imply?
(a) That the town will be evacuated.
(b) That his family is in danger.
(c) That Huguenau will be arrested.
(d) That August will be arrested.

3. How much interest does Huguenau agree to pay on the outstanding installments for the paper?
(a) Two percent.
(b) Five percent.
(c) One percent.
(d) Four percent.

4. Why do Huguenau and August stop arguing in Part Three, Chapter LXXV?
(a) Marguerite becomes upset.
(b) August's wife becomes upset.
(c) August has a heart attack.
(d) Joachim draws a weapon.

5. In Part Three, Chapter LVIII, what does Muller do with Marie and Sussin in his apartment?
(a) Argue violently.
(b) Sing hymns.
(c) Plot against August.
(d) Plot against Joachim.

6. In Part Three, Chapter XLV, what do August and Huguenau have a talk about?
(a) America and Germany.
(b) Freedom.
(c) Wine.
(d) Women.

7. Which patient from the military hospital is at the Bible study meeting?
(a) Hanna.
(b) Godicke.
(c) Marie.
(d) Jaretzki.

8. What does Jaretzki say the doctor has done to him?
(a) Made him sad.
(b) Rendered him useless.
(c) Taken over his life.
(d) Cut off the wrong arm.

9. Whose Bible study group does Joachim join?
(a) Marie's.
(b) Hanna's.
(c) Erna's.
(d) August's.

10. After Josef Settler moves Godicke's bed, what does Godicke do?
(a) He punches Josef Settler.
(b) He tears the postcard from his wife to pieces.
(c) He runs from the room.
(d) He laughs hysterically.

11. How many weeks pass between the letter from Hanna's husband and his arrival at home?
(a) One.
(b) Two.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Three.

12. How does Joachim view the dancing?
(a) As entertaining.
(b) As youthful.
(c) As beautiful.
(d) As demonic.

13. Where does Bertrand wait for Marie when he visits her in Part Three, Chapter LXI?
(a) In an office.
(b) In the common room.
(c) In front of a door.
(d) In a lobby.

14. Why is Huguenau uneasy in the beginning of Part Three, Chapter L?
(a) He is running out of money.
(b) He thinks he will be captured soon.
(c) He has fallen in love with August's wife.
(d) He hasn't received a sign of approval from Joachim.

15. What does Bertrand see when he leaves Marie and heads home in Part Three, Chapter XXII?
(a) A battle.
(b) A lost child.
(c) Sussin.
(d) Young lovers walking hand in hand.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Joachim take comfort in when he feels ill at ease in Part Three, Chapter LXXVI?

2. What does August say is really free?

3. What do August and Huguenau argue over in Part Three, Chapter LXXV?

4. Why does the doctor play for Joachim?

5. Where does Hanna's husband say he spent half the night?

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