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Iron Cross

This is awarded by the German military to its heroes.

Pasenow Family Estate

This is a huge land holding.

Moselle, Germany

Von Pasenow is garrisoned there to keep it safe.

Printing Press

This represents freedom of speech and a certain power.

The Salvation Army

Its members dress in uniforms, sing and dance, and evangelize in Europe before the war, and during it.

Hanna's House, The Rose Cottage

This exists in a dream state through most of the novel.

Korn and Erna's House in Mannheim

This is a place to return to in tumultuous times.

Mother Hentjen's Restaurant

This is the scene of many meetings with Martin and Esch's future wife.

Martin's Crutches

The frailty of this young man is symbolized by these.


The occupants of this represent a wildness never imagined by Esch.

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