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Draw a Caricature

Draw a caricature of Joachim in his uniform. Use your picture to depict how Joachim used his uniform to comfort himself.

Rewrite a Scene

Rewrite the scene in which Joachim's father decides Joachim should leave the house early. How else might this scene have proceeded?

Make an Iron Cross

Create a replica of an iron cross out of beads or sculpture material.

Create a Manual

Create a fatherhood manual for Joachim's father. It should contain information he could use to better relate with Joachim.

Create a Calling Card

Create a calling card for Ruzena.

Write a Poem

Write a poem about the water from the point of view of one of the characters.

Make a Uniform

Picture Joachim's uniform in your mind, and make a uniform to match what you envision.

Continue a Plot Line

Continue Ruzena's plot line. Write a story that tells what...

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