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Essay Topic 1

A decision Joachim makes leads to the death of his horse. What is the significance of the death of Joachim's horse in the story, and what does the horse's death reveal about Joachim?

Essay Topic 2

Describe Joachim's personality and compare it to that of his father.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast how Joachin sees Elisabeth and Ruzina as love interests. Who does he prefer and why?

Essay Topic 4

Ruzena and Joachim seem to be in love. What evidence is there of their love? Is it real love or infatuation?

Essay Topic 5

Why does Bertrand interfere with Ruzena and Joachim? What are his motives? Ruzena calls him a bad friend - is she correct?

Essay Topic 6

Compare Bertrand and Joachim. Why does Elisabeth prefer Bertrand? What qualities does Bertrand have that Joachim does not?

Essay Topic 7

Why does Joachim still desire Ruzena after finding her with another...

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