The Sleepwalkers Character Descriptions

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Joachim Von Pasenow

This character attends Cadet school in Culm, Germany; this character ponders life deeply, and is profoundly embarrassed at anything that is not chaste and honorable.

August Esch

This character is attractive and personable, but carries heavy demons.

Wilhejm Huguenau

This character rationalizes every action and appears in this novel in Part Three, as a deserter.

Herr Von Pasenow

This character was seventy in 1888.


This character is the only child of doting parents, and has been surrounded by wealth and new possessions throughout life.

Helmuth Von Pasenow

This character is killed in a duel.


This character has black hair and inviting eyes, and does not speak German fluently.

Eduard von Bertrand

This character went into trade and business.

Martin Geyring

This character is a Socialist union organizer.

Frau Gertrud Hentjen (Esch)

This character manages a restaurant that offers great food, a nice atmosphere, and...

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