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Part One, Chapter I - II

• Joachim Von Pasenow remembers his horse's death and the events that led to his early enrollment in military school.

• Visiting a dance hall with his father, Joachim meets Ruzena, a Bohemian prostitute.

• Ruzena and Joachim fall in love and begin a relationship.

• Bertrand, a man who served in the military with Joachim, is now in trade.

• Joachim admires and feels ashamed of him at the same time.
• Joachim introduces Bertrand to Ruzena.

• Elisabeth visits Berlin.

• Joachim feels no passion for Elisabeth, but feels a great deal of passion for Ruzena.

• Joachim's father grows impatient for Joachim to take over the estate.

• Joachim's father asks Bertrand to take over the estate.

• Bertrand and Elisabeth talk about love and have a connection.

Part One, Chapter III - IV

• Bertrand leaves Stolfin, Joachim's family's estate.

• Joachim's father has a nervous breakdown when he hears that...

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