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Elizabeth Kolbert
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Short Answer Questions

1. When Europeans first landed on an island in Newfoundland, how many auk was it estimated were there?

2. How many average-sized mice could be killed by the poison in the skin of one golden-frog?

3. During a conversation at the pub in the world's narrowest hotel, what favorite subject of Zalasiewicz was discussed?

4. When was the breeding season for auks?

5. Where did the HMS "Beagle" make its first stop?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did the author see as she swam toward volcanic vents off Castello Aragonese?

2. Where and how did extinction emerge as an idea?

3. What is the purpose and design of the Icelandic Institute of Natural History?

4. How did Charles Lyell become a scientist?

5. What was Castello Aragonese?

6. How did the creatures collected by Hall-Spencer and Buia reveal the destructive effect of the volcanic vents?

7. Why did it seem logical that Walter Alvarez became a scientist?

8. What did Cuvier do at the Paris Museum of Natural History?

9. What was the Gola del Botttaccione?

10. What did Charles Darwin do when he finished Cambridge?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

It was proposed that a sixth extinction was occurring on our planet. What was the sixth extinction and why do some believe it is another mass extinction?

Essay Topic 2

Biosphere 2 was built to show how life could survive in a closed environment. What factors lead to the failure of Biosphere 2 and why couldn't the humans who lived there survive inside?

Essay Topic 3

In the 18th century some scientists believed in transformation of species. What was transformation of species and why didn't Cuvier believe transformation was possible?

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