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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Juvenal claim women to crave?

2. What was the name of the female friend with whom Juvenal discussed immorality?

3. Which of the following men upheld the "Family Encouragement Act"?

4. Which of the following bird types did Juvenal claim to give birth by mouth?

5. Which of the following characteristics did Juvenal dislike most in women?

Short Essay Questions

1. What conflict did Juvenal see in the way that teachers were treated by the parents of their students?

2. What did Juvenal find irritating about play-writing?

3. How did Juvenal feel about the way that Trebius was treated at Virro's dinner party?

4. What were the effects of the loss of private patronage for artists?

5. Why did the Lords frequently hold dinner parties?

6. What reason did Umbrucius give for wanting to move away from Rome?

7. What was the relationship between clients and patrons in Juvenal's village?

8. What reaction did Trebius have to the wine that he was served at Virro's dinner party?

9. How did lawyers in Juvenal's society earn clients?

10. How did Juvenal feel about Eppia's new husband?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The people of Rome are pray devoutly. First, describe at least three different types of prayers practiced by the people of Rome. Which gods to they pray to for each type of prayer? Are those prayers usually effective? Why or why not? Which type of prayers does Juvenal think are the most effective? Why?

Essay Topic 2

When Crispinus is acting as a fish monger, he makes a very lucky catch. First, explain how Crispinus managed to catch his prize. Then, explain how the prize made its way to the Emperor's table. Finally, explain how Rome, as a whole, was affected by the prize that Crispinus pulled out of the water.

Essay Topic 3

When Trebius attends Virro's dinner party, he is shocked by the treatment that he receives. What segments of Virro's dinner party did Trebius find most startling? When discussing the party with Juvenal later, how did their opinions of the events differ? What point did Juvenal try to make about society by citing Trebius' experience at Virro's dinner party?

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