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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following types of wives was worst in Juvenal's eyes?

2. Which of the following characters spent his days dreaming of battle?

3. What did Juvenal claim women to crave?

4. Which of the following seafood types was considered to be the greatest delicacy?

5. Who is known as the Goddess of Agriculture?

Short Essay Questions

1. What advice was Postumus given when he decided that he would like to get married?

2. Who was Emperor Domitian?

3. What complaint did Laronia cite in relation to adultery in her society?

4. What type of meal was Trebius served at Virro's dinner party?

5. What did Juvenal claim was the worst kind of wife to have?

6. Why did Juvenal write poetry?

7. What did Juvenal consider to be the strongest vice in society during his time?

8. What happened when the king of Rome was presented with a massive fish by a goodhearted fisherman?

9. What did Juvenal find irritating about play-writing?

10. What was the relationship between clients and patrons in Juvenal's village?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Postumus is Juvenal's friend who seeks advice about marriage. How does Postumus feel about marriage when he speaks with Juvenal? What advise about women did Juvenal give to Postumus during their conversation? According to Juvenal, what are the best types of wives to have? Which are the worst? Based on the advice that Juvenal gives, do you think that he is directing Postumus toward a happy or unhappy marriage? How can you tell?

Essay Topic 2

When Juvenal is discussing women with Postumus, he uses many famous women from the pages of history as examples to support his arguments, specifically Medea, Clytemnestra, Procne, Eriphyle, and Danaids. Choose two of those women, and compare/contrast their relationships with men. What point is Juvenal trying to make by using each of those women as examples in his arguments? How does the behavior of those women compare/contrast with the behavior of the women whom Juvenal sees in his society today?

Essay Topic 3

Juvenal's friend, Umbricius, is determined to not move away from Rome. Why does Umbricius feel that he must leave Rome? How does Juvenal react to Umbricius' move? Given the political state of Rome, which man's argument merits more of your empathy? Why?

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